Been busy

No updates for a long time. Real life gets in the way. A lot to put up, will do so soon….

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Always Check the Label? That Holds True if it’s on the Label in the First Place

“Because the patent on aspartame has expired, it is now in all types of products, which use their own private names and aspartame is already marketed under various trademark names…”

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The Sugar Free Deception

When many parents see “sugar free” written on childrens’ food products, they purchase them thinking they are acting in the best interest of their children. But what’s wrong with sugar? All food will rot one’s teeth without proper dental hygiene. The so called sugar replacements have far worse consequences on childrens’ health than sugar itself. Hello again aspartame…

“Unfortunately, some parents try to help their kids lose weight by giving them sugar-free foods and diet sodas that are sweetened with aspartame,” says Hersey. “This is a huge mistake, because aspartame has been associated with hyperactivity, irritability, aggression, and concentration problems – not to mention brain tumors.”

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Come on… We Live in Modern Times

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We’re talking major king-size stupid pills here. I spoke about this “come on, this is the 21st century” insane attitude when it necessitates a major over-haul of society’s thinking purely for the sake of the progression of time, in the pacification of modern man. “OK it’s 2010 we have to change something… What’s it gonna be…?”

Case in point: the new Renault Twingo advert. Gran drops off what appears to be her grandaughter to meet her fella by the looks of it. The girl’s phone rings, she goes to answer it and a condom falls out of her bag – strawberry flavoured. Gran then says “Sophie…? I thought you didn’t like strawberries?” They share a laugh then grannie ‘I’ll take my dentures out for you any time baby’ keeps it for herself in case she gets lucky down at the bingo hall. Catchphrase: “Renault Twingo. In tune with the times.” Read more…

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Where’s George???

Anyone seen George Galloway? I think his ‘friends’ across the pond got him. He maybe in Guantanamo or an Egyptian prison.

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Don’t mess with an angry Scotsman.

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1-0 to the Happy Jappy Chappies. Match Stewards Not so Chirpy

1-0 to Japan. I must say I was supporting Japan today since I’m a huge fan of Ninja Warrior. Especially Rie Komiya. Anyway that’s another story.

The BBC ran a report early this morning saying there was some trouble regarding protesting match stewards who were paid less than they had been promised after the Germany vs. Australia match. Initially they said some were arrested, detained and later released but this was then changed to ‘no arrests were made’. Hmm. No we don’t want to spoil all the lovely flag waving and face painting adverts with images of tear gas and rubber bullets now do we?

Many of the stewards carried the small brown envelopes in which they had been given their pay and said that they had received just 190 rand (£16.95) after being promised 250 rand (£22.30). Some said that the official daily rate promised by Fifa, the governing body of world football, is 1,500 rand (£133).

Full story here:

Bloody disgraceful. How much do the top strikers get paid? And FIFA can’t pay the people who make the matches possible?

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Yes I Know I’m Wrong but I Get Paid to Say That YOU Are

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.”

Upton Sinclair.


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Well Can You at Least Let Them Have a Bag of Ready Salted Crisps? Cheers Ben

The food entering Gaza includes spinach and it’s rumoured that Popeye is now fighting with the Palestinians. If the spinach gets through there’s no telling what will happen. Apparently there are also Green Giant sweetcorn tins making their way through. We know what happens when you eat those – we’ve seen the advert:

The smiling assassin is hopeful that a couple of bars of snickers will be allowed through:

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How Old is 15 Really???

Warning – explicit language. Not for kiddies. Gordon Ramsay will love it though.

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£30000 of Our Money – 6 MSPs Fly to the ‘States Business Class to Discuss Climate Change – the Irony

Right lads, we’re going to discuss the dangers of smoking to your health and others around you. First let’s have a fag break.

“To fly business class across the Atlantic in order to talk about climate change and ’sustainable transport’ is staggering hypocrisy. This trip by half a dozen officials and parliamentarians will create more emissions in a week than most Scottish families manage in a year.”

We deserve what we get from our MPs. Let’s all keep bending over and getting shafted. Make sure you say thank you afterwards. Stupid pills strike again.

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